Helping leaders master the disciplines of
Organizational Health with Patrick Lencioni
and Table Group

Building and maintaining cohesive teams, creating clarity, over-communicating clarity, and building simple human systems to reinforce your clarity.

Collection of stories and resources

Organizational Healthy Leadership

Building Cohesive Teams

Creating Clearity

Over Communicating Clarity

Reinforcing Clarity

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Are you passionate about mastering the disciplines of organizational health? Sometimes the best way to learn is from other leaders who are doing the same. Join a Leader’s Circle and get regular feedback, ideas, examples, stories, and tons of resources. Even the healthiest leaders are always hungry to get better and maintain momentum.

Meet Gordon Blocker

For the past 10 years I’ve been meeting with leaders and teams as they strive for organizational health. It’s a lifelong journey and I’m just scratching the surface on what I’ve learned. I started this site to capitalize on the many stories and examples that I’ve experienced. I’m also challenging myself and other leaders to greater things in the future. One of my primary strategies is to find the best organizational health leaders in the world and help them change the world of work. I’m building small cohorts I’m calling “Leader’s Circles” to foster these conversations and challenge leaders to the next level.