Three Assumptions that Paralyze Strategic Meetings

Apr 13, 2023 | Article

Virtually every executive team faces the important hurdle of runnin...

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Building Your Organizational Health Roadmap

Starter Questions 1. What do we do (your business definition, your ‘what’)? 2. Why do we exist? (your core purpose, your ‘why’)? 3. Who are your key competitors? 4. What are your competitive advantages? Decision Point Where does organizational health fit in your...

The Leader and the Table

Some may not know why we are called “The Table Group.” Many years ago, when Patrick Lencioni founded the firm, he held a belief that stands today: The ‘table’ is still the best form of technology in an organization. How can that be? Since our founding in 2002 until...

Turning Tension Into Traction

Turning Tension Into Traction

The Five Dysfunctions of A Team depicts a fictional group of executives who experienced real transformation. Through a series of offsites and interactions, their team and company went from a point of crisis to a place of maturity and health. I first read this book...